How to Learn Spanish

How to Learn Spanish is a comprehensive guide for students of Spanish. It teaches powerful language learning principles and strategies for:

  • Expanding and memorising vocabulary.
  • Setting up good pronunciation habits.
  • Learning grammar effectively.
  • Optimising the development of speaking, writing, listening and reading.
  • Selecting appropriate resources and incorporating fun language learning activities.
  • Setting language learning goals and action plans.

The principles and strategies are informed by current research into language learning, cognitive psychology, and educational neuroscience, as well as the author’s more than 20 years experience as a teacher.


  • Easy to read: written in simple and clear colloquial English (no technical terms).
  • Inspirational: it includes real-life stories of language learning challenges and successes.
  • Dual coding design: explanations of key principles and strategies supported by illustrations.
  • Action oriented: students are helped to reflect on their language learning strategies, needs and goals, in the sections titled “What about you?”







ISBN: 9781838414603
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 216 x 140 mm
Length: 96 pages
Publication Date: 21/10/2021
Genre: Language Learning


About the Author

María Blanco is a Senior Lecturer in Spanish at the University of Westminster and a language learning strategies specialist. She has more than twenty years of experience teaching Spanish as well as coaching students and training language teachers on language learning strategies. María has a BA (Hons) in Education (Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Spain), an MA in Modern Languages in Education (University College of London Institute of Education), and she is a certified Neurolanguage Coach® (Efficient Language Coaching). She is also the author of How to Teach Language Learning Strategies: 4 Simple Steps for Successful Language Learning (Lightwork Press, 2021)María's website is